In 2018 I was selected to participate in the ONA-Poynter Leadership Academy for Women in Digital Media. The same year, I was chosen to take part in the European Journalism Centre-Google News Initiative Newsroom Leadership Academy.

At the time, I was a producer at Yle, the Finnish Broadcasting Company, where I was responsible for developing data-driven publishing strategies to increase the reach and watchtime of off-platform video content.

Before moving to Finland I was the Head of Entertainment at BuzzFeed, where my focus was on increasing the website’s readership both internationally and in the UK. I led a team of 20+ pop culture writers, editors, video producers, and social media strategists who wrote innovative, compelling articles, essays, and interviews designed to be shared on social media. Before that I was a commissioning editor, before that a staff writer, and before that I was BuzzFeed first intern and fourth employee in the UK.


In my freetime I write a weekly newsletter called Bookmarked, which follows my journey as I read one book from every country in the world. In March 2021, it was profiled by Stories, by Substack

Here’s a selection of some of my favourite writing:

For The Strategist: What One Londoner Bought in her First Year Living in Finland / Everyone in Helsinki Wears These City Wellies From November Through March / What To Buy To Look Like A Finnish Wilderness Guide / Every Finnish Person I Know Uses This Supermarket Moisturiser

For BuzzFeed: I Tried Out The Most Popular Vegan Substitutes On Pinterest / What I Think Being Famous Will Be Like, Even Though I Don’t Know What I Will Be Famous For Yet/ I Got In Touch With People Who Abused Me Online To Ask Why / 14 Things That Turn Sisters Into Best Friends / What Is It Really Like To Work In A Brothel?

For Helsingin Sanomat (in Finnish): Nämä asiat kysyisin suomalaiselta isoisältäni, jos hän olisi vielä elossa / Temptation Island Suomesta tuli karanteeni-pakkomielteeni / Kuka muka osaa vuolla makkaratikkuja ja miksi kukaan, jolla on hampaat, söisi raejuustoa? Suomessa huomasin, kuinka britti olenkaan / Päiväkirja suomalaisuudesta

For Yle News: From Minna Canth to Jean Sibelius, these famous Finns have their own flag days / Rice porridge, baked ham and root vegetables: Why do Finns eat ‘vegetable boxes’ at Christmas? / A Midsummer Night’s Dream: Why Finns go Wild for the Summer Solstice

For ThisIsFinland: New audiences continue to find Finland’s number one painter, Helene Schjerfbeck / Integral to the culture, Sámi languages stay vibrant in Finland / “I have to get me some of this”: Finnish Films and TV Series you Should Watch / Finland’s First Feminist: Why Minna Canth’s Writing is Still Important / 13 Contemporary Finnish Authors you Should be Reading

For The New Statesman: In which a black man hires a member of the KKK as his lawyer / The New College of the Humanities: Would you pay double university fees for a better education? / Inside Alpha: An atheist’s foray into Christianity 

For The London Review of Books: Watching YouTube in Saudi Arabia

For Vice: Saudi Arabia Isn’t Having a Feminist Revolution

And here’s everything else I’ve ever written for BuzzFeed, Yle News, ThisIsFinland, Helsingin Sanomat, NewsMavens, The New Statesman, The London Review of Books, Vice, Noisey, GQ, Whats On Stage, City AM.